life is grand in Grand Isle

Grand what? Where is that? Where is Grand Isle?

Grand Isle, LA is a barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico accessible by a toll causeway. It’s a seafood haven and also home to Coast Guard Cutter STURGEON, which is Michael’s new unit for this next year. There is plenty of fishing to be done and a beach with decent waves, which we took full advantage of during our stay.

Mimi joined us at the state park for camping and rented a small boat for the day. Allen, Emma and I perfected our southern fishing abilities and realized quickly how different it is from salmon fishing in Alaska. At one point, Allen landed a little fish and asked what he should do with it. “Throw it back in and use it as bait!” He did and immediately caught a speckled trout! Two for one!

We also landed a mullet. Okay, more like he sacrificed himself by jumping into the boat as we were moving. Literally, jumped into the boat. Like you see in the movies.

We had a great time with STURGEON’s crew and a special shout out of THANKS to the FS2 who cooked several meals (and delicious cupcakes) for Circus Vorholt.

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