Big Families = Big Fun

Inspiration comes from many places and we tend to surround ourselves with those that understand our lives. While this family may not be in close proximity to us, they live a similar life and have a similar outlook on life shared HERE. They, too, are Coast Guard. They, too, have adopted. And they, too, have a large family.

Large families tend to make their own entertainment and ours is no different. While in Alaska last week meeting our newest son, we found ourselves dealing with a great deal amount of stress one afternoon. The decision had been made to bring him home with us instead of waiting until next month and we were struggling with the reality of this major life change. No one really wanted to explore Juneau anymore that day, so we hung out in our hotel room.

Matt had collected all of the room key cards and began his own version of a game show. He had us in tears with laughter and it was such a relief to see that we could be silly and share in total nonsense, even with all that was occurring around us. And even with all of us in one hotel room.

Big Families = Big Fun from Carey Vorholt on Vimeo.

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