Karma and Coldplay

Allen, his friend and I went to see Coldplay perform this week here in Houston. We saw them at The Woodlands a few years ago and even though I didn’t know many songs then, it was one of the BEST concerts I’d ever attended. The light show was visually amazing, the mini stages they perform on (to give everyone in the audience a chance to get up close and personal) was thrilling and as we were leaving, each and every person was handed a copy of Left Right, which apparently you can still get for free by signing up on their website.

Different venue this time, but we knew the show would be great. We arrived early enough to hear one of their opening acts – a small British band called Wolf Gang. We bopped along and enjoyed their enthusiasm for their clearly talented group. Then the stage darkened, turned blue and Swedish recording artist Robyn entered. It was, well, not our thing, so we went for a walk to look for t-shirts and grab something to eat. I headed back to my seat before the boys and found myself a few minutes later being led up the stairs to the hallway by a very agitated Allen. “Come on, MOM!!!!! You have to HURRY!!!!” I’m thinking his friend has choked on a piece of popcorn, maybe he’s having a seizure, maybe they need more money for the $5 water.

I find Allen’s friend with a plain-clothed woman who has a ticket machine in her hand who tells me, “If you can answer a few questions about Coldplay correctly, I may be able to upgrade your tickets. Let me back up a second and tell you we were in the nosebleed section. 20120629-090454.jpgSo she asks me to name the band members… “Um, Chris Martin…” That was it. Couldn’t name any others. She asked me for my favorite song. CLOCKS! Favorite song off the new album. PARADISE! Now sing a few lines from Clocks…. And my brain just went blank.

So, she took pity on our attempts to show what kind of fans we are and noted that Allen had on a Vida la Vida shirt. And gave us tickets. TO THE FREAKING FLOOR!!! ROW 3!!!!!

As we waited for the show to begin, I told the boys, “THIS is karma! THIS is why you do good things for others, because it makes you feel good, it makes you a better person and it increases your karma for floor tickets to Coldplay!!!!”



Thank you, COLDPLAY, for another unforgettable show!!!!


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