feeding tube finally!

20120725-075931.jpg20120725-075954.jpgNick received his feeding tube on April 4th after 2 months of being fed by an NG tube. Seeing him in the recovery room, moaning in pain, was emotional for me, to say the least. I felt acid rise in my throat as the anger I had for all those involved in this guy’s beginning began to surface. Indescribable anger – how did so many adults not step in and change his life? The birth mother (while not an adult in age, she was still responsible for protecting him), the birth grandparents, the doctors, the social workers, the aunts, the uncles? All of that anger quickly turned into tears and sobs as I tried to soothe Nick. The attending nurse was a bit shocked at my reaction until I explained, between deep breaths, Nick’s story.

We spent 5 days in the hospital while his little digestive system healed. Within days, Nick was back to his mischievous self and I realized I should have enjoyed days 1 and 2 when he was confined to his bed and didn’t want to move much. He was ready to go home, as was I, so I turned him loose in the halls…. and the nurses quickly found our discharge papers.




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