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Our little chunky monkey

Wonder how Nick’s feedings are going? Amazingly well, thank you very much! His port, or Mickey, has a clear plastic plug to protect the opening that can be removed with one hand. His Pediasure 1.5 is poured into the tubing and flows straight to his stomach. We connect the tubing, wait for the air to bubble through the milk before the flow begins. It usually only takes a few minutes to get one can in, which is world’s apart from the struggles we faced for the past 6 years trying to get him to drink the 12 ounces.

After the feeding, the tubing is washed and it’s ready to go for the next use. The process is very similar to caring for a bottle-fed infant – when we leave home, we carry cans of Pediasure and tubing. We stick to his schedule of 3-4 cans per day and if he needs to be fed in public, most people don’t even notice, because the process is not a big production.

I had Matt assist me with video this week to show everyone just how easy Nick’s tube feedings are, so watch below and ignore the occasional camera shake from my budding videographer.

Nick’s Feeding Tube taken by Matt from Carey Vorholt on Vimeo.


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