How Marvelous and Frustrating is My Life

Every time I sit down to write here, I get distracted and the day ends. Distractions in my life come in many forms, but the biggest one is struggling to find a way to adequately tell our story lately. So much has transpired, so much has yet to be decided and I look for visuals to help explain. For example, this afternoon I spent 30 minutes trying to find a way to view Matt’s MRI results from 2006 on a Mac – all to give a side-by-side representation of a normal brain and his brain. I wasn’t successful….. So, I’ll add a cute picture of him at the end instead.

Our life has been a bit ridiculous since school began. If I’m referring to ridiculous, you must know it’s over the top. This past weekend alone, we had the hard-of-hearing child (Nick) loose all hearing and the RADling attempt to put her hand through the window over a misperceived rejection. Add to that little pot a few parties and work and training and you have our TWO WHOLE DAYS contained. It’s exhausting at times. And then I have days like today where Matt, who did not have school, and I raced to watch the space shuttle Endeavor perform a few fly-bys over Houston before landing at Ellington Field. As we watched the plane transporting this piece of history descend, Matt says, “Mom! It’s a spaceship! This is a GREAT day!” Just like that, my heart is happy.

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