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PCS Mind Games

“Where will we be this time next year?” I tease my husband as we relax in our backyard surrounded by lush greenery,View full post »

A Letter to All Visitors

Dear Visitor at My Front Door, Hello and welcome to our home! Let me push these dogs and children back inside while IView full post »

Lessons Learned in a Missionary Position in Costa Rica and the Importance of Being a Jackhammer

A tropical breeze gave movement to the sheer curtains as I entered the dark bedroom in search of love’s embrace. AView full post »

Notes From a Plane

The following was written on a recent flight as an anxiety coping strategy.  Enjoy my emotional breakdown and enter atView full post »

FitBit Shaming

“Oh, FitBit. Where have you been all my life? Come on over here and let me strap you to my wrist, so we can makeView full post »

Twins and Talkeetna

Series submitted for Memoir Writing class at Rice University’s Glasscock School of Continuing Studies The sun isView full post »

The Dental Walk of Shame

Disclaimer: In no way does our dental experience extend to all dental experiences, nor should it be used to stereotypeView full post »

5 Tips for Travels to NYC with a Teenager & Avoiding Jail

This past summer my freshly 16 year old daughter and I spent a week in New York City soaking in Broadway shows andView full post »

Breathe in calm, breathe out smile

The piercing continuous alarm disrupts my thoughts as a forkful of spinach omelet travels from my breakfast plate to myView full post »

Morning Anthem: Screams from the Circus

This essay centers around our twin boys, whom we adopted at the age of 2. They suffer the effects of cytomegliovirusView full post »

The Day My Heart Stopped Beating

The day my heart stopped beating was a beautiful Sunday. We went to the 9:00 service at Christ Church, my husband and IView full post »

Losing Sanity While the Water Rises, Part 3

A series on our family’s journey during Hurricane Ike in Pearland, TX in 2008. To read Part 2, click HERE. DayView full post »

Losing Sanity While the Water Rises, Part 2

A series on our family’s journey during Hurricane Ike in Pearland, TX in 2008. To read Part 1, click HERE. DayView full post »

Losing Sanity While the Water Rises

I’ve started writing this post many times over the past year with plans to publish it here on the 6th anniversaryView full post »

Sharing a Month of Mabel Part Five

If I sit here very still, maybe my forever family won’t notice and I can go on vacation with them. #lifewithmabelView full post »

RAD Reality TV

I believe when you put your story into the world, it will touch someone. I use this blog as a vehicle for our story,View full post »

Top 10 Favorite Kid Quotes of 2012

“Hey, Allen! Come here! Need your wrench!” says Matt after I tell him he needed an Allen wrench for hisView full post »

Yesterday, I hesitated. Today, I booked the tickets.

When the idea comes to you, you search for the avenues of possibility. You also waste time trying to convince yourselfView full post »

Ho Ho Hugs

We completed our family evening outing last night with a trip to Barnes & Noble. As Allen tweeted, “Only inView full post »

Thanksgiving Steaks

Our last Thanksgiving as a family of 7 occurred 3 years ago in Virginia as a situation of need rather than tradition.View full post »