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The Dental Walk of Shame

Disclaimer: In no way does our dental experience extend to all dental experiences, nor should it be used to stereotypeView full post »

Morning Anthem: Screams from the Circus

This essay centers around our twin boys, whom we adopted at the age of 2. They suffer the effects of cytomegliovirusView full post »

Morning Courage | West of Home, South of Sanity

My brain is hauled away from restful slumber by the sound of plastic wheels being dragged across a hard floor above myView full post »

feeding tube finally!

Nick received his feeding tube on April 4th after 2 months of being fed by an NG tube. Seeing him in the recovery room,View full post »

the absolute children’s hospital survival bag

After spending a week with Nick at Texas Children’s, I am seriously considering patenting the absolute hospitalView full post »

extended hospital stays are….

Tiring. Behaviorally challenging. Frustrating. Boring. Necessary. Did I mention tiring? To help with all of the aboveView full post »

Did I ever tell you…..

… that I wanted to be a pediatrician? I had every intention of going to medical school when I was in high school.View full post »

GPS and hearing aides

We have GPS in our cars and our phones. Why can’t we have GPS in hearing aides and cochlear implant BTEs??? WeView full post »

if you give Nick a Frito Pie

High school football here in Texas is huge. My family is also huge, so I took a friend’s offer to watch two ofView full post »

respect, roast beef and reciprocation

I have book OCD. Ask any packing and moving company that’s been blessed with an assignment to help our circus PCSView full post »

10 things the twins have taught us

As my children resume their schooling careers this week and I revel in the welcomed silence that now envelopes meView full post »

waiting in a room

Waiting rooms are my arch-nemesis. I walk in prepared with children who’ve received rule warnings before exitingView full post »

a week in the life of a child with cp

Nick did well for his first Botox injection this past Monday. No pain, at least none he could tell us about. HisView full post »

Botox and a busy body

‎”God doesn’t give children with disabilities to strong people: He gives them to ordinary, everydayView full post »

KISS the mentally challenged child

5 facts about Nick:   he loves NASCAR he will hug you he screams – ALOT he fixes mac-n-cheese he is severelyView full post »

when’s dinner?

Would you like to come to dinner? All seven of you? It’s a simple question. A simple question followed by hoursView full post »