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A Letter to All Visitors

Dear Visitor at My Front Door, Hello and welcome to our home! Let me push these dogs and children back inside while IView full post »

Twins and Talkeetna

Series submitted for Memoir Writing class at Rice University’s Glasscock School of Continuing Studies The sun isView full post »

The Dental Walk of Shame

Disclaimer: In no way does our dental experience extend to all dental experiences, nor should it be used to stereotypeView full post »

Breathe in calm, breathe out smile

The piercing continuous alarm disrupts my thoughts as a forkful of spinach omelet travels from my breakfast plate to myView full post »

Morning Anthem: Screams from the Circus

This essay centers around our twin boys, whom we adopted at the age of 2. They suffer the effects of cytomegliovirusView full post »

The Day My Heart Stopped Beating

The day my heart stopped beating was a beautiful Sunday. We went to the 9:00 service at Christ Church, my husband and IView full post »

Sharing a dancing moment

After a week spent in California with some amazing photographers and artists at Adventure Always, I followed through onView full post »

Surf’s Up | West of Home, South of Sanity

Life with special needs children can limit the activities your family can do. Hiking, for example, isn’t reallyView full post »

Special Needs, Special Treatment | West of Home, South of Sanity

Thank you to all of the a$$holes who fraudulently used Disney’s disability policies. You have now made it evenView full post »

If you give a teenager a shopping list, chances are…….

he’ll ask you which store to go to. When you tell him which store to go to, he’ll ask for your car keys,View full post »

Top 10 Favorite Kid Quotes of 2012

“Hey, Allen! Come here! Need your wrench!” says Matt after I tell him he needed an Allen wrench for hisView full post »

Cookies & Calmness

Baking is a tradition for some, harkening back to a favorite dish grandma prepared each Christmas. Baking can beView full post »

Yesterday, I hesitated. Today, I booked the tickets.

When the idea comes to you, you search for the avenues of possibility. You also waste time trying to convince yourselfView full post »

Tears and tears

It’s Allen’s senior year of high school. It’s also my 360ish days of reflection of raising thisView full post »

Super Family Powers

We are often on the receiving end of comments such as, “You are amazing. You are inspirational. You are likeView full post »

She’s not a fish

I’ve struggled with writing this post for several weeks. Then I decided to wait for an update before publishing.View full post »

FIRE – family in reality explosiveness

Here’s the thing, no one likes negatives. When someone asks the loaded “how are you?” question, theyView full post »

How Marvelous and Frustrating is My Life

Every time I sit down to write here, I get distracted and the day ends. Distractions in my life come in many forms, butView full post »

Happy Dad’s Day to my husband!

About a year ago, Michael and I had a long conversation with our oldest child. We shared the things we saw in eachView full post »

Fulfillment or Psych Assessment Checklist?

I finally managed to remember to bring my camera with me to the grocery. To be honest, it’s tagged along forView full post »