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Breathe in calm, breathe out smile

The piercing continuous alarm disrupts my thoughts as a forkful of spinach omelet travels from my breakfast plate to myView full post »

Driven to the End | West of Home, South of Sanity

On our third morning in Miloli’i, we woke late and enjoyed a slow morning of packing and cleaning the rentalView full post »

Sinking heart

Our second day in Miloli’i began with a slight wind and warm sun. Taking advantage of sleeping children, I set upView full post »

Night marching like the natives

After spending time with Jess as she met her paternal birth family, Allen, Emma and I headed to our beach house rentalView full post »

Picking through the pieces

Arriving in Hawaii felt familiar for 3 of us. The 4th didn’t remember her first visits to the islands andView full post »

RAD Reality TV

I believe when you put your story into the world, it will touch someone. I use this blog as a vehicle for our story,View full post »

The Definition of Outrageous

A few weeks ago I was reading to my older kids from Brene Brown’s latest book Daring Greatly and shared withView full post »

FIRE – family in reality explosiveness

Here’s the thing, no one likes negatives. When someone asks the loaded “how are you?” question, theyView full post »

First Point

As I watched Jessi close the garage door while tossing something in her mouth, I ran through the scenario, hoping IView full post »

Quoting Dr. Suess & adoption decisions

This past week has been a whirlwind for us as a family. We arrived in Alaska to meet Little Guy and planned for him toView full post »

Celebrating National Hobby Month and Healing Steps

January is National Hobby Month and Circus Vorholt will be sharing some of it’s favorite hobbies with you overView full post »

photographing your own family is…..

Challenging, difficult, exhausting, draining. If you are lucky, you can come out of the experience with some sanityView full post »

crazy RAD love

Michael and I went to see “Crazy Stupid Love” this weekend and enjoyed it’s message of fighting forView full post »