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PCS Mind Games

“Where will we be this time next year?” I tease my husband as we relax in our backyard surrounded by lush greenery,View full post »

Lessons Learned in a Missionary Position in Costa Rica and the Importance of Being a Jackhammer

A tropical breeze gave movement to the sheer curtains as I entered the dark bedroom in search of love’s embrace. AView full post »

Notes From a Plane

The following was written on a recent flight as an anxiety coping strategy.  Enjoy my emotional breakdown and enter atView full post »

FitBit Shaming

“Oh, FitBit. Where have you been all my life? Come on over here and let me strap you to my wrist, so we can makeView full post »

5 Tips for Travels to NYC with a Teenager & Avoiding Jail

This past summer my freshly 16 year old daughter and I spent a week in New York City soaking in Broadway shows andView full post »

Losing Sanity While the Water Rises, Part 3

A series on our family’s journey during Hurricane Ike in Pearland, TX in 2008. To read Part 2, click HERE. DayView full post »

Losing Sanity While the Water Rises, Part 2

A series on our family’s journey during Hurricane Ike in Pearland, TX in 2008. To read Part 1, click HERE. DayView full post »

Losing Sanity While the Water Rises

I’ve started writing this post many times over the past year with plans to publish it here on the 6th anniversaryView full post »

Allen’s “A” School Graduation USCG

Just ten short weeks ago, I dropped Allen off in Yorktown, Virginia for his “A” school training with theView full post »

Sharing My Summer Adventure Part One

Earlier this summer, I vowed to live outside my comfort zone. I also made promises to my three oldest children forView full post »

Special Needs, Special Treatment | West of Home, South of Sanity

Thank you to all of the a$$holes who fraudulently used Disney’s disability policies. You have now made it evenView full post »

Driven to the End | West of Home, South of Sanity

On our third morning in Miloli’i, we woke late and enjoyed a slow morning of packing and cleaning the rentalView full post »

Sinking heart

Our second day in Miloli’i began with a slight wind and warm sun. Taking advantage of sleeping children, I set upView full post »

Night marching like the natives

After spending time with Jess as she met her paternal birth family, Allen, Emma and I headed to our beach house rentalView full post »

Picking through the pieces

Arriving in Hawaii felt familiar for 3 of us. The 4th didn’t remember her first visits to the islands andView full post »

Writing, Public Showers & Parenting

How and why do I write? Living in this large family provides many moments that are meant to be shared (for good reasonsView full post »

Seeing Fate When Flying

As I sat down next to the woman on my 2 hour flight to Atlanta, I could sense there was a struggle. I wasn’tView full post »

The Loss of a Good Story

I’m lowering my cone of safety on this one. No judgements allowed, only an intake of information. We left ourView full post »

Sailing the Home Front

Big news for Circus Vorholt – Michael made Chief Warrant Officer yesterday and will officially no longer be onView full post »

Taking “I can’t hear you” to an all new level

We have an obnoxious habit of telling Matt, “I can’t hear you” when he asks for something. AndView full post »