The Ringmaster

carey anne photography 365 self portrait project
Carey is the mom of 5 children through birth and adoption from foster care. This family of 7 is a circus at times with one ring filled with girl drama, the next filled with deaf children who refuse to wear their cochlear devices or hearing aides, and ring three (the big boys) are quite content to find real world happiness in a NASCAR race or just hanging in the garage. Carey has an AA in General Studies (not sure what the purpose was there...), a BS in Biology with a minor in Forensics (because the classes were interesting) and a MA in Seafood Science and Nutrition. Carey understands the rigors of publishing through her adventures in academia as a research technician with the University of Alaska Fairbanks. She also brings her PR background to the family blog, which came while attending Southeastern Louisiana University as the Student Government Association's PR Director. Carey is currently a full-time photographer in the Houston/Galveston area while her husband, Michael, continues his Coast Guard career. Home, for now, is where the Coast Guard sends us. Our roots extend from Alaska to Louisiana, so we are WEST OF HOME and always SOUTH OF SANITY.