5 Tips for Travels to NYC with a Teenager & Avoiding Jail

This past summer my freshly 16 year old daughter and I spent a week in New York City soaking in Broadway shows andView full post »

Losing Sanity While the Water Rises, Part 3

A series on our family’s journey during Hurricane Ike in Pearland, TX in 2008. To read Part 2, click HERE. DayView full post »

Losing Sanity While the Water Rises, Part 2

A series on our family’s journey during Hurricane Ike in Pearland, TX in 2008. To read Part 1, click HERE. DayView full post »

West of Home, South of Sanity

Losing Sanity While the Water Rises

I’ve started writing this post many times over the past year with plans to publish it here on the 6th anniversaryView full post »

Allen’s “A” School Graduation USCG

Just ten short weeks ago, I dropped Allen off in Yorktown, Virginia for his “A” school training with theView full post »

Sharing My Summer Adventure Part One

Earlier this summer, I vowed to live outside my comfort zone. I also made promises to my three oldest children forView full post »

The story of a knight, a princess and a castle | West of Home, South of Sanity

During the years my husband and I dated, we would write letters every day we were apart. To make it entertaining, myView full post »

Special Needs, Special Treatment | West of Home, South of Sanity

Thank you to all of the a$$holes who fraudulently used Disney’s disability policies. You have now made it evenView full post »

Driven to the End | West of Home, South of Sanity

On our third morning in Miloli’i, we woke late and enjoyed a slow morning of packing and cleaning the rentalView full post »

Sinking heart

Our second day in Miloli’i began with a slight wind and warm sun. Taking advantage of sleeping children, I set upView full post »

Night marching like the natives

After spending time with Jess as she met her paternal birth family, Allen, Emma and I headed to our beach house rentalView full post »

Picking through the pieces

Arriving in Hawaii felt familiar for 3 of us. The 4th didn’t remember her first visits to the islands andView full post »

Writing, Public Showers & Parenting

How and why do I write? Living in this large family provides many moments that are meant to be shared (for good reasonsView full post »

Seeing Fate When Flying

As I sat down next to the woman on my 2 hour flight to Atlanta, I could sense there was a struggle. I wasn’tView full post »

The Loss of a Good Story

I’m lowering my cone of safety on this one. No judgements allowed, only an intake of information. We left ourView full post »

Sailing the Home Front

Big news for Circus Vorholt – Michael made Chief Warrant Officer yesterday and will officially no longer be onView full post »

Taking “I can’t hear you” to an all new level

We have an obnoxious habit of telling Matt, “I can’t hear you” when he asks for something. AndView full post »

Quoting Dr. Suess & adoption decisions

This past week has been a whirlwind for us as a family. We arrived in Alaska to meet Little Guy and planned for him toView full post »

“How many are in your group?”

We’ve been asked this question several times on this trip and I smile at Jessi’s response. There are 7 ofView full post »

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