Yesterday, I hesitated. Today, I booked the tickets.

West of Home South of Sanity by Carey Anne Photography

When the idea comes to you, you search for the avenues of possibility. You also waste time trying to convince yourself of why you SHOULDN’T take action on your idea.

We might need the money for an emergency, for a project, for…… I’d need to rearrange schedules first. What if a client gets upset?……. How will I find care for the boys while I’m away? What about Michael’s calendar?…… What if….. What if…. What if…….

My idea centers around Jess and reconnecting her with her paternal birth family in Hawaii. She’s at an age where she asks questions and wants real answers given. She’s at an age where her classmates are making fun of her Hawaiian appearance and where she wants to change her looks to fit in more. She’s at an age where her heritage should be tangible and experienced up close. She’s at an age where that experience will be remembered.

Yesterday, I hesitated with following through on this idea. I allowed the gremlins to cloud what our family knows Jess needs right now in her life. Yesterday, I hesitated with purchasing tickets to fly myself and my oldest 2 children and Jess to Hawaii to visit with her birth family and immerse her in all things tropical.

Today, as I watched the horror of the Connecticut school shootings, I booked the tickets. Screw the mind gremlins. Life is too short.

I am taking my children to Hawaii to help Jess discover who she truly is and where she came from. No more hesitation.


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  • December 15, 2012 - 1:08 am

    Becci Long - Bravo!!! I am rethinking things too…..ReplyCancel

  • August 15, 2016 - 6:35 pm

    Angie Mar - Aloha, I currently live in Hawaii and we’re considering adopting a child here. Carey, this post caught my eye and would love to write to you for encouragement and any other information. I know very little about adoption. We are a military family living here temporarily and have a 9 year old boy. Thank you and mahalo! Angie D.ReplyCancel

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